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What comes after the leap?

Selling the apartment and investing in a new house or, in our case, a farm is not the most demanding aspect in changing our lifestyle or habits. Of course, having the opportunity to make this considerable investment is life-changing in so many ways. But the real work has to do with us and our mindset. To not fall back into old habits and be constantly either sleepwalking or stress-walking through our days. Waking up every morning and turning on autopilot mood that our society has in so many ways systematically tamed us to do. We live in our past while looking to the future, forgetting the very moment we are living. There are hardly any moments in our hectic, modern-day lives that give us the capacity to come into the present without making us late for the future. So here we are. We have taken a gigantic step into the present.

“Take a breather”; there is no outside noise that distracts you from letting the dust settle in your everyday. Life slows down, and you have no choice but to be vulnerable and brutally honest with yourself. Nothing is going to come and sweep you away from this precious conversation you are having with yourself. It is surprising and blissfully unsettling.

You could say that we, both individually and as a couple are going through a transition period. We have this idea of how we want to go on from here, what values we think are most important, and so on. This process is demanding and leads us to countless setbacks that give us hard but so remarkably important conversations. Where we have to put our ego aside to be able to really change our ways, how we interact with each other, our kids and most importantly how our inner dialogue is. So, you could say that with freedom comes a lot of responsibility.

We are looking at a blank canvas that we have the freedom to paint as we like.

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