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Warehouse 33

Soon, this space will begin to look like something else than simply a big empty warehouse and start to look like „Warehouse 33“

You are probably thinking, what does that even mean? Warehouse 33 will be a space for study, movement, mental health, and creativity. It will serve as our workspace here at Lysegården.

How can we start this project when the space is not ready? And everything is entirely raw? And all we have is our vision of what we are creating. To be honest, we have found it very hard to focus on our creative goals in this project; it is so easy to get lost in the renovation part of it all. But we have to have energy and space for the creative aspect of this journey; otherwise, this simply becomes a renovation of a farm in South Zealand in Denmark. In some ways, it is, but on the other hand, it is so much more.

Back to the warehouse. Of course, we have been warming up the space with our "little" 50m2 Eleiko gym.

Even if it is otherwise very raw, using the space has given us an excellent feel for it and helps keep us focused on our goals and make this huge project just a little more doable.

We have been discussing how good it feels to use the space, even if it is not ready. It helps us to keep focused on our ultimate goals. And that brings us to our next project; we are going to kick start the creative journey of this beautiful space with a video series called „Warehouse 33“ (obviously). In the video series, we will explore and break down our ideas, how we tend to think, in what ways we tend to perceive, feel, and so much more...

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