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From a sketch on a piece of paper to a multilayered project...

As the sun graces us with longer days and beautiful sunsets, we prepare to begin phase one in renovating our farm Lysegård. You could say that renovating inside the villa at the farm would count as phase one, but then again, it's going to be a somewhat multilayered project. To make it simple for us, we have decided to separate these two projects and look at the villa's renovation as a pre-phase to what is to come.

So to clarify, phase one will include a new roof on the „Y“ ; the barns. Ooh yeah, we've been calling them "the Y" because the houses are shaped like it. Not original, but describing and simple.

Like I stated in the beginning, this is a multilayered project. As we begin the renovations, we are simultaneously brainstorming about the endless possibilities our farm offers and how we want its future to be. We have come to the conclusion that we want to create a research platform at Lysegård; we wish to create a platform for health and art research. But what does that even mean? Making the venue is perhaps the most simple part of the platform we want to create, but simultaneously the most labor-intense and physically demanding. Now we are building the physical reality, getting the sports hall up and running, and setting up the changing rooms. Rebuilding the old roofs and set up the lecture hall facility. We also have to build all the rooms for future guests and so forth. There are many parts to that puzzle, but they are relatively straightforward. Physically demanding but straightforward.

Research, not that appealing? How do most of us relate to the word "research" and the concept for which it stands for? Perhaps many of us are not that attached to research. Maybe even a bit intimidated by it. All the perplexing vocabulary and definitions of something can often be stated in ways that are way more relatable. The thing is, in our opinion research is not that appealing to most of us. Noble by those who attend to it (scientists) but rather unrelatable. The funny thing is that all of us are constantly researching our surroundings. We are all scientists, as Thomas Henry Huxley wrote 158 years ago. From birth, we use our bodies and minds to derive conclusions based on what we perceive. It's the basis for our learning, whether it is interpreting the actions of others either as aggressive or loving, recalculating the position of our feet in order not fall flat-faced while trying to dance (something that I must admit to). "The method of scientific investigation is nothing but the expression of the necessary mode of working of the human mind. It is simply the mode at which all phenomena are reasoned about, rendered precise and exact. There is no more difference, between the mental operations of a man of science and those of an ordinary person... "(1).

Through the invaluable help of people who come to stay and work with us at Lysegården, we aim to use the platform that we are building to create science-based knowledge in health, movement, and art. Our vision is to make relatable research and to obtain knowledge about people, by people and portray it in a way most people relate to.

Reference 1. Huxley, T. H. (1863). We are all scientists. Retrieved May 14th 2021 from

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